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Portero's Vendor Platform

Want to sell on Portero? Only thoroughly-vetted resellers, brands and retailers of authentic luxury merchandise are eligible for our Vendor Platform. There are no fees unless you sell. For more information, please contact us at 1.877.962.2398 or sellluxury@portero.com from Monday – Friday, 10AM – 6PM ET.

Benefits of Selling on Portero

  • Provides a broader audience to sell to the end consumer in an ancillary channel not directly competitive with existing retail and/or web outlets
  • Vendor uploads and describes items through their own, easy-to-use account
  • Vendor determines what and when to list and at what price, and can list items on multiple venues at once while maintaining possession of their merchandise
  • Allows retailers to be more aggressive with accepting trade-ins and pre-owned merchandise without jeopardizing vendor relationships
  • Portero handles all customer inquiries with a dedicated, knowledgeable team available via email, phone and live chat
  • Search engine marketing, search engine optimization and database-driven email marketing
  • Dedicated in-house merchandising/marketing team
  • Aggressive social media strategy, public relations and events program
  • Dedicated affiliate manager maintains a network of of luxury focused websites and blogs, etc.
  • Agreements with major shopping engines
  • Portero handles all payment processing
  • Portero stands behind all sales

Why Portero Works

  • Portero Luxury is the top online marketplace for authentic bags, watches, jewelry, accessories and vintage
  • A dedicated third party vendor can photograph, describe and list your items
  • Reach discerning luxury buyers through our network
  • Get the most money for your items

Please call or send us an e-mail with the details of your item(s) including brand, model, purchase price, style and age.  Portero will base approvals on these details as well as individual images of the item(s).  Portero may be unable to determine an accurate selling price prior to viewing the item as condition will impact the value.