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Is my information secure?

Yes. At Portero.com your privacy and security are important to us. Please read our privacy policy for a complete description of how we treat confidential information. Our secure online checkout system is provided by Authorize.net.

How can I search for an item on the site?

You may choose to browse leisurely through our categories or you may search by keyword (such as designer or brand), by item number, or by desired price range.

How do I get help if I have questions?

Our Customer Care Professionals can be contacted in one of three easy ways:
  1. Live Chat. We highly recommend this method because it will provide you with the quickest service.
  2. Email us at customercare@portero.com.
  3. Call us toll free at 1.877.962.2398.
Our business hours are Monday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM, U.S. Eastern Time.

Do I know before I order how much shipping will be? Do I have shipping options such as overnight delivery and shipping to an alternate address?

Shipping and handling charges are based on the delivery option you choose. Expedited shipping and alternate shipping address options are available with additional verification. Applicable sales tax are applied if shipped to California, Florida, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Maryland. We will ship your order via your chosen shipping method within 48 hours of receiving your confirmed payment for the item(s). Further details are provided on our Shipping page.

What are my payment options?

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover through our secure check-out system. In addition, you can arrange payment through bank wire transfers, PayPal, and Affirm. For more information, please visit here.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Portero is required by law to charge sales tax on orders shipped to: California, Florida, New York, Illinois, and Maryland.

How can I be sure my item is authentic?

Every item on the site is guaranteed authentic and backed by the Portero Promise and our team of in-house authenticity experts. The Portero Promise states: "Portero respects the brands we serve. We guarantee the authenticity and condition of all merchandise. We ensure the highest level of service and security. That's our promise. And we don't take it lightly." If you should ever have a question regarding the authenticity of an item you purchase, our in-house experts are happy to go through the authentication with you personally to ensure your comfort that you have purchased an authentic and treasured piece from our site.

Why does it say in the listing of the item I would like to purchase that it will be shipping from a country outside of the United States?

At Portero it is our mission to provide you with a carefully curated selection of authentic, rare and beautiful merchandise available online. As a result, we work with only the best collectors from all over the world to provide you with an incredible assortment. We individually vet all of the collectors we work with in order to provide you with the absolute best product in the global marketplace at a superior value. You may end up paying duties and taxes on these items (see International Shipping section), however they are generally priced at a better value than items in the USA to compensate for these extra fees.

Why are Hermès Birkins and Kellys priced so high?

Birkins and Kellys are Hermès's most sought after bags. They are all hand made by an individual craftsman. There is a waiting list for them and can take up to 2 years to obtain one from a boutique. Portero offers never used and pre-loved Hermès Birkins and Kellys in a click. This explains why sometimes you will see higher prices on the newer bags, because instead of waiting 2 years to get one, you can have it immediately sent right to your door. If you are looking for a great value on one of these bags, try a pre-loved Hermès Birkin or Kelly.

Why do the prices on Birkins and Kellys vary so greatly?

You may see a never-carried Hermès black leather Birkin on the site at one price, and a never-carried Hermès pink leather Birkin on the site at a much higher price. This is because newest and bright colors are very hard to obtain. Everyone wants the newest and hottest colors that Hermès is producing, and they sell quite quickly. This will explain why a neutral color bag might be priced somewhat lower than an electric colored bag. The color everyone is just dying to get their hands on will likely cost more. Also, Hermès exotic bags will be priced much higher than leathers as they are more luxurious, more expensive, and even harder to obtain. Custom made Hermès bags will also sell for a higher price than a non-custom Hermès bag, as they are considered one of a kind and very rare. These bags will sometimes have a horseshoe stamp next to the Hermès logo and are only produced for Hermès's top clients.