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What Makes A Classic A Classic: The Watches

Take a closer look at some of the most iconic timepieces ever produced
and the brands that created these elegant fashion statements.

The Luxury Watch: Timeless Timepieces

Long before cell phones and Internet, people relied on the art of fine watches or Horlogerie in order to tell time. Today, only a few exceptional brands continue to produce watches with the same exacting accuracy and standards as the original master watchmakers.

The Rolex Submariner — First developed at the height of the underwater diving craze in 1953, the Submariner has become a favorite of Olympic athletes, everyday gentlemen and even the frogmen of the Royal British Navy. Its unique details are seen in the patented Mercedes hand set, automatic and self‐winding features, rich ceramic bezels and easily adjustable clasps. The only watch tough enough to accompany James Bond into 007 battle, yet elegant enough to have graced the wrists of today’s most fashion-conscious women.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso — At times, necessity really is the mother of invention. Such was the case of 1930’s polo players who needed to protect the delicate glass on their watches during their fast‐paced and physical matches. Over the years, the Reverso has evolved into a customizable timepiece. Today, you may find a diamond pave or a personalized inscription hidden on the back of your model.

The Cartier Tank — Prior to the establishment of the house of Cartier in 1847, most people had never heard of a wristwatch—instead relying on the traditional pocket watch. Then, the Industrial Revolution changed everything, as people developed a need for an at‐the-ready, precise chronograph. First gifted to war hero, General Pershing, the Tank was originally designed with WWI tanks in mind. Since, its clean, crisp lines and enduring appeal have seduced everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Princess Diana and Yves Saint Laurent.



Rolex is known for technical excellence and groundbreaking innovations. With one of the most unique manufacturing processes, Rolex continues to inspire the luxury watchmaking world.




Cartier has crafted highly coveted watches including the Tank, Pasha and Panthère. Their chic minimalist designs have enamored everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Angelina Jolie.


Patek Philippe


Since watchmakers Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe joined forces in 1851, the house has been responsible for many innovations such as the perpetual calendar and split-seconds hands.


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