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Our expert picks her favorite vintage gifts

What was classic then, is classic now, and will be classic forever? A vintage gift!

We asked our expert handbag authenticator Elizabeth Bernstein for her tips and favorite picks for this year.

Yes, Elizabeth loves to give her friends vintage — here’s the scoop:

Q Why give vintage?
A You can guarantee it will be one of the most original gifts that person will receive. Vintage and antiques are very personal items that are considered rare, special, have had some type of sentimental value to someone, artistic, unusual, items no longer made with such great quality.

Can you give a few examples of vintage gifts you’ve given or received?
Antique gold and emerald ornate broach, vintage Rolex, vintage gold jade and pearl necklace — to die for, vintage exotic skin bags, vintage costume jewelry, vintage hermes scarves, vintage LV bags and luggage, anything and everything vintage Chanel, vintage briefcases and luggage for every day use or for home decor, antique diamond and ruby cocktail ring, vintage chaise lounge, vintage fur stole, antique paintings and drawings, vintage couture dresses, suits, leather pants and skirts etc. let’s be serious — my life is at least 60 percent vintage. I love a good rare find and at this stage almost everyone I am close with knows it is always a safe bet to buy me vintage.

Who would like to be given vintage?
Wives (I have to list my category first, of course), girlfriends, best friends, people who do not have time to decorate or shop for clothing and accessories because pieces of flare and conversation are always great for these people i.e.. bankers, doctors, lawyers (people with less time), quirky people, husbands, neighbors, boyfriends, I don’t know if there is really a limit to who you can give vintage. They are such special pieces that I think they make anyone feel like you really took them into consideration when you found that special rare treasure.

Any favorite vintage items to give this year?
Vintage Rolexes are always a must have, looking to spend a bit less and get some insane fine or costume jewelry is always a good way to go, vintage Hermes, Chanel & LV bags are an amazing deal and always receive handfuls of compliments when worn, something nice for the home.

Any vintage on your gift list?
Dare I tell? Hopefully the right people are reading this… I do have an affinity vintage/antique engagement and cocktail rings and well-made costume statement jewelry. They are so romantic and unusual with incredible detail. I always have my eye on a vintage Hermes crocodile Kelly bag, and I collect vintage Rolexes and share them with my husband, so it is basically a gift for both of us. Two-for-one is always the best!

Elizabeth’s Vintage Gift Picks

“A cool piece of statement vintage costume, or an everyday sparkler!”
(Chanel Vintage Swarovski Crystal Sautoir Necklace and Vintage Platinum 1.30ctw Diamond Art Deco Ring)

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“Both of these rare and beautiful vintage watches – long standing brands like Cartier, Patek or Rolex. You will not see anyone with one just like it! So elegant and very personal.”

(Cartier Vintage Wood & Gold Plate Tank Mechanical Watch and Patek Philippe Vintage Men’s 18k Yellow Gold Watch)

“A vintage bag you just cant find anymore like the jumbo vertical quilt from Chanel, or even a bright green lizard Kelly (for the lady who has everything). Truly a conversation piece and so special to own for any Chanel or Hermes lover!”
(Chanel Vintage Vertical Stitch Shoulder Bag and Hermes Vintage Emerald Lizard 20cm Kelly Bag)

“For the chic traveler that almost has everything…”
(Hermès Gold Taurillon Clemence Leather 55cm Birkin Bag)

“Or the man or lady with the eclectic home (used as a coffee table or a side table).”
(Louis Vuitton 1960′s Vintage Bisten Suitcase)

“Amazing vintage shades. So south of France in the 60′s.”
(Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Aviator Sunglasses)

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