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Sotirio Bulgari, a talented Greek silversmith from Epirus, immigrated to Italy in 1879, where, after leaving Naples, called Rome his home. There he quickly found success. First selling pieces in front of the French Academy on the Pincio, he was soon able to open his own store in 1884 as well as subsequent stores in summer resort areas such as St. Moritz. In 1910, Bulgari began working with his sons Giorgio and Costantino, indulging in precious stones and Parisian design. After the death of Sotirio Bulgari, his sons took reign of the company, helping expand the brand internationally and transition into more Greek and Roman classicism design. Bulgari caught the attention of many aristocrats and style icons including Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor was known to spend time at Rome’s Bulgari store while filming Cleopatra. Richard Burton famously stated, “The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari.” Among her vast jewelry collection were some exquisite Bulgari pieces such as the Trombino Ring, the Tremblant Brooch, and the Monete Necklace. In 1996, Bulgari established the Bulgari Gemmological Centre, enhancing its already impeccable service. Today, Bulgari continues to capture the world’s attention with its intricate, high-quality designs and stones.