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Your Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

Hermes Leathers and Skins

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with open arms (holding our best designer handbags, of course), we are taking a look back at the Top 10 Portero Blog Post you’ve visited the most this past year!

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10. A History of Louis Vuitton

History of Louis Vuitton

This is one of our most pinned infographics!

9. Five Luxury Bags Every Woman Should Own

Five Luxury Handbags Every Woman Should Own

If you’re serious about luxury handbags, then you know you need a little bit of Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton.

8. Kelly Sellier vs. Kelly Retourne

Kelly Sellier vs Kelly Retourne

At first, these two Kelly bags may seem similar, but if you look closer, they’re quite different!

7. Top 5 Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton Keepall- Top 5 Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Bags

You enjoyed reading and pinning our infographic with the most iconic handbags from iconic French house, Louis Vuitton.

6. Types of Chanel Leathers and Skins

Chanel Half Moon Flap Bag available on PORTERO.com

You were also curious about the 6 most popular materials Chanel uses to craft their exquisite handbags. Of course, Caviar and Lambskin leather are on the list!

5. 8 Hermès Bags to get to Know Better

Hermes Handbags

It’s not all about the Birkin and the Kelly bags! There are other Hermès bags that are also noteworthy!

4. 6 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Fake Cartier Bracelet

How to spot a fake Cartier LOVE bracelet

If you’re going to buy a pre-owned Cartier LOVE bracelet you need to make sure you can tell a real one from a fake! That’s why this was one of our most popular blog posts this year. P.S. When you buy from PORTERO you know you’re getting nothing but authentic designer luxury!

3. Difference Between Birkin and Kelly Bags

Difference between Birkin and Kelly

They may look similar, but there are quick ways to tell a Birkin from a Kelly. This year you really enjoyed reading this fact sheet, and pinning our infographic.

2. The 10 Most Popular Hermès Birkin Colors

Popular Birkin colors

We all know black is the most coveted Birkin color, but can you guess the other 9?

And our most popular blog post of 2016 this year was…*drum roll*

  1. The Top 10 Most Popular Hermès Leathers and Skins

Hermès Clemence Leather

This year you wanted to know the difference between the most popular leathers and skins offered by Hermès. We’re always happy to help you research your bag before you purchase!

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