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Your Guide to Hermès Watches

When somebody asks you for the time, do you reach for your cell phone? Stop. Just stop. It’s way more stylish, especially now, to look to your wrist.

We’re trying to make it easy for your to do the chic time check with an exclusive Hermès Watch Event for the next few weeks with 0ver 40% off like-new offerings.

We saw first hand last fall how these timepieces are meticulously assembled by hand at the Festival des Métiers in New York.

Each style translates the striking design that Hermès is known for and adds the technology of precision watchmaking. You’ll find the same leathers and luxurious details you’d expect from the French design huse.

Here’s a guide to some of Hermès watches styles:

0416 2 r1s1H Hour:  It’s hard to miss that emblematic “H” for Hermès. Since 1996, this minimalist graphic approach is balanced with a simple sundial-like dial.




0416 2 r1s3Cape Cod: A solitary anchor chain inspired this homage to the peninsula of Cape Cod. Henri d’Origny created this watch in 1991 with the coastline on his mind. 




0416 2 r2s2
Clipper: The elegant, speedy 19th-century sailing ship inspired this sports watch with its six rivet-bezel taking cues from the ship’s portholes.





Shop the event here and read on for information about some other classic Hermès watches.
Other favorite Hermès watches :
Arceau: Designed in 1978 by Henri d’Origny, it is distinguished by its upper horseshoe-shaped attachment and the slanting numerals across the dial.
Kelly: Created in tribute to the famous handbag that inspired its name and its buckle design, the Kelly watch plays with the signature Hermès features. This playful and refined timepiece has been transcending fashions for more than thirty years.
Kelly 2: Designed by Philippe Mouquet, the Kelly 2 watch evokes the lock on the famous Kelly bag. The watch case draws its inspiration from the strap plate which was once used in the harness of carriage horses.

Médor: The Médor, designed by Philippe Mouquet.  Functioning as both timepiece and bracelet, it is decorated by three stainless steel studs, one of which pops open to reveal the dial.  This watch also has a secret compartment inspired by the collar of a boar-hunting dog, making it a unique, multi-faceted piece.

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