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The week in Counterfeit News – and there’s a lot of it

This week brought two major news stories about the world of counterfeiting – reinforcing our dedication to bringing Portero shoppers only the real deal.

Here’s the latest:

• Major crackdown in Los Angeles: Earlier this week, authorities seized 1,500 counterfeit Hermes Birkins worth $14.1 million in Los Angeles. Yes, counterfeits are a crime and in France, you could be jailed for carrying one. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, importing counterfeits was up 142% in 2012 over 2011. Please note: Birkins are not ever made in China.

• A new anti-counterfeiting website launch (pictured above): To try to quell some of the demand for all of those fakes, look to It looks like a retail website, but there’s nothing actually for sale. However, browsing is encouraged. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the site was created to educate potential buyers of “fakes” about the reality of the business. It’s funded by a the non-profit International Counterfeiting Coalition but it also provides some entertainment value. For example, a replica Kate Spade Wallet comes with the product description of “Temporarily attached fake logos and unlikely to be leather trim!” And the not-so-hidden message: “When you give your information to sites like this, you could be giving them your life savings, your personal identity and your financial future. Made in a counterfeit factory by child-laborers. 100% of proceeds go to criminals, possibly even terrorists.”

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