Coco Chanel Camellia

The story behind Coco Chanel’s favorite flower: The Camellia

One of the most amazing things about Chanel – vintage and new – is how Coco Chanel’s personal story is reflected over and over again in the details.

That goes right down to the camellia flowers, featured on bags and jewelry. We read about the rich history in Elle magazine. “Talk about love at first sight: Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel fell head over heels for the camellia after one was given to her by her polo-playing lover, Boy Capel. She started pinning silk versions to her lapels, her hair and the blossoms found a home on the black-and-gold-laquered Coromandel screens in her apartment at 31, rue Cambon.”

Camellias originate in eastern and southeast Asia and are most revered in that region. For instance, in Korea, they are a symbol of longevity and faithfulness, making them a popular choice at weddings. In the West, they have come to symbolize desire, passion, and refinement. The camellia has inspired many artists, like author Alexandre Dumas, who wrote La Dame aux Camélias, or The Lady of the Camellias, which in turn inspired Italian composer to create his famous opera, La Traviata.

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