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The 5 Most Popular Chanel Bags of All Times

Chanel Wallet on Chain- Most Popular Chanel Bags

Gabrielle “Coco”  Chanel is famously quoted as saying: “Fashion changes, but style endures.”  These are the five Chanel bags that have endured the test of time.

1. The Classic Flap Bag

Black Caviar Chanel Classic 2.55 Bag available on PORTERO.comChanel Medium Black Caviar Classic 2.55 Double Flap Bag with Gold Hardware $4,099


The quintessential Chanel handbag. Many believe this bag to be Chanel’s first bag, but it was actually introduced in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld, and it was a reinterpretation of Chanel’s first original handbag, now know as the Reissue.

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Classic Chanel Flap bags available on PORTERO.comVintage Chanel Black Alligator 2.55 Double Flap Bag $10,600. Chanel Dark Red Quilted Patent Jumbo Classic Double Flap Bag $6375. Chanel Camel Beige Caviar Vintage Jumbo Classic 2.55 Flap Bag $3,999. Chanel Pink Caviar Medium Classic 2.55 Double Flap Bag $3,799


2. The Wallet on Chain

Chanel Black Patent Wallet on Chain Available on PORTERO.comBlack Quilted Patent Wallet on Chain $3,300


One of Chanel’s most versatile bags is the Wallet on Chain, also known as the WOC. The bag can be used as a clutch by tucking in the strap, on the shoulder or across the body, making it the perfect day-to-night bag.

Chanel Wallet on Chain bags available on PORTERO.comChanel Cambon Black Quilted Leather Wallet On Chain $2,450. Chanel Red Caviar Boy Quilted WOC Wallet on Chain $2,799. Chanel Blue Caviar Boy  Quilted Wallet on Chain $2,999. Chanel Fuchsia Pink Patent Wallet On Chain $2,725

3. The Boy Bag

Chanel Black Quilted Caviar Boy Bag available on PORTERO.comChanel Black Quilted Caviar Medium Boy Bag $6,650

A modern, edgier take on the original Chanel Flap Bag, the Chanel Boy was introduced in 2011 and quickly became one of Chanel’s most sought-after bags. Named after Coco’s lover, Arthur “Boy” Capel, the Boy’s structured lines and pronounced hardware have made the Chanel Boy bag forever recognizable.

Chanel Boy bags available on PORTERO.comChanel Navy Chevron Medium Boy Bag $6,975. Chanel Pink Old Medium Boy Bag $3,870. Chanel Blue Patent and Plexiglass Old Medium Boy Bag $3,940.  Chanel Light Blue Small Mosaic Boy Bag $10,125

4. The Grand Shopping Tote

Chanel Grand Shopper ToteChanel Black Caviar Classic Grand Shopper Tote GST $2,699


This roomy tote usually comes in Caviar, which is more durable. The Grand Shopping Tote, also known as GST, has been discontinued in the USA since 2015, which is why the demand for them has increased in the secondary market. If you’re in the US and had your heart set on a GST, you can find a large selection of authentic pre-loved ones on

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Chanel Grand Shopper totes available on PORTERO.comChanel XL Grand Shopping Tote $2,915. Chanel Vintage Red Grand Shopping (GST) Tote $1,600. Chanel Timeless Large Shopper Tote $2,299. Chanel Large GST $1,999

5. The Medallion Tote
Chanel Medallion Tote


Another discontinued bag in the list is the Medallion tote, named so after the medallion with Chanel’s signature CC logo attached to the zipper. Even if this bag hasn’t been around for the past five years, it still is, and will always be a classic Chanel icon.

Chanel Medallion Totes available on PORTERO.comChanel Revival Beige Tote $1,580. Chanel Pink Medallion Tote $1,400. Chanel Beige Medallion Tote $1,550

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