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Paris Fashion Week: Givenchy

There was something very catty going on at the Givenchy show yesterday in Paris, and designer Riccardo Tisci was not holding back. Besides the racy sheer panels on many of the pieces, there was also a repeating panther motif, cat-eye glasses and hats topped off with feline-like ears. While these details may be too literal for some, the attendees (including Kanye West, Nicole Richie and Liv Tyler) were apparently over the moon for the whole collection. Not sure if you’re ready…

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Celebrity Inspiration

Deal of the Day

There’s not too much explanation needed here — we’re looking at a vintage CHANEL Black Jumbo Flap Bag for $2,199. If you bought this bag at Chanel today, you’d pay over $4,000, and honestly, it probably wouldn’t be as cool as this vintage version. This bag will absolutely never go out of style, so when you think of $2,199 over the next 20 years, this bag pays for itself easily! Don’t believe the hype? Check out some pics below to see the…

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Celebrity Inspiration Designer Jewelry

Pretty Little Pendants


  There’s something about a little flash of metal right between your collarbones that I find both sweet and sexy. A charm-like drop is the perfect way to express a little something about yourself (maybe a religious symbol, a lucky charm, or your child’s initial, as Nicole Richie shows below) or just add a tiny bit of sparkle to your daily routine. As you see here, many of the world’s most stylish women have a favorite dainty pendant that they…

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Celebrity Inspiration

Scarves for all Seasons


Right now PORTERO is featuring scarves in Best Values, and I couldn’t be more excited to discuss the merits of these square pieces of fabric. I have a large collection of scarves, some fancy and some that I chose on the cheap merely for the color or pattern. What I love most about scarves is their functionality–they can be used so many different ways and on so many different occasions. For example, take Nicole Richie above. Walking around in Los…

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