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Only in Vegas

Although I was technically in Vegas for Jewelry Market Week, I couldn’t pass up stopping by the Wynn hotel’s Chanel shop. In my experience, the Vegas locations seem to always get some great, limited-edition, unusual items that you just can’t find anywhere else. Case-in-point? The gorgeous matte blue stingray reissue with inlaid crystals you see above.

According to my helpful sales associate, this was one of two produced for the United States. And it was $16,000. So although I couldn’t buy it, I could definitely take a picture of it. I also took a picture of this beauty:

A fantastic alligator flap with sequins sewn into the scales. Yes, sequined alligator. As if the exotic skin wasn’t enough and you might need some extra flash.

Although most of us can’t afford these rare, brand new bags, there’s still hope! We have a few fantastic limited edition Chanel bags that will be in style forever. Here are my favorites:

Chanel Rare Deep Burgundy Chanel Exotic Alligator Skin Evening Flap Bag

Chanel Limited Edition Chanel XXL Patent Reissue Flap Bag

Chanel Fabulous Limited Edition Swarovski Lucky Charms Flap Bag

Jewelry Show Mania!

I just returned from “Jewelry Market Week”, a slew of shows in Las Vegas representing the industry I’ve worked in for the last decade. I spent most of my time at the Couture show, a gorgeous, invitation-only event that showcases some of the biggest names in the biz as well as up-and-comers with serious design chops.
One of my favorite booths was Irene Neuwirth, a California-based designer who truly appreciates the beauty of colored gems. Her signature is using large, saturated, candy-colored stones in bold jewelry with a BoHo edge. My favorites this year? Drop-dead gorgeous opals ranging from shades of blue to green to white, set within sparkling pave diamonds in oversized geometric forms. (See above!)
Opals really do have amazing range, and whether they are of the orange Fire Opal variety (usually from Mexico or Brazil) or all shades of the rainbow (like Boulder Opal), these stones have a mysterious glow that make them highly unique.
A perfect gem for summer, opal is well-represented on Portero right now. These Jewel of Ocean pink opal earrings are just the right touch for a formal affair, while these Rotenier opal cufflinks (above) are the perfect gift for Father’s Day–which is right around the corner!