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David Yurman jewelry history

Designer Spotlight: The History of David Yurman Jewelry

David Yurman is an American jewelry brand founded in 1980 by David Yurman and his wife, Sybil. Yurman grew up in Long Island, New York, and became an apprentice of sculptor Jacques Lipchitz  in the 1960s. When he met his wife, painter Sybil Kleinrock, they undoubtedly had a knack for not just art, but business, as they created Putnam Art Works, a company that specialized in sculptural jewelry. For the next decade, David and Sybil showcased their jewelry and artwork at various galleries, where they learned more about the business. They were married in 1979, and created the David Yurman company a year later.

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His iconic Cable collection was created in 1982 with a bracelet. The collection was inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge’s spiraled cables, and ancient Greek and Minoan jewelry. Designed in Sterling Silver, Yurman adds precious stones to give the jewelry its own personality. Bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces carry this iconic motif, which is always revisited in every David Yurman collection, year after year.

In 1997, David Yurman revolutionized the world of fine jewelry by being the first to set diamonds on sterling silver, and today, his jewelry is one of the most instantly recognizable jewelry brands across the globe, and a synonym of luxury.

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“I wear David Yurman. I have a Yurman ring from the Naturals collection,” says Nick Marmol, Creative Director of ” I love the textures he creates, they’re very unusual pieces. I’m not normally a jewelrly wearer, but that’s one piece I do wear.”

On PORTERO you’ll find an assortment of pre-owned David Yurman jewelry, in excellent condition. You can find older models, as well as newer ones, with huge discounts from retail.

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The Yurmans are commited to giving back. They established the David & Sybil Yurman Humanitarian and Arts Foundation in 2001, where they present Angel Awards (named so after the Angel pin they designed in 1999 to benefit Project ALS, raising more than $250,000 for Lou Gehrig’s disease research), to philanthropists. Some of the recipients include: Steven Spielberg, Elton John, and Leonard Slatkin. The foundation also supports various charities, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Look of the Day: Blake Lively

One look at Blake Lively at the National Board of Review Gala last night in NYC and I was starstruck. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes an outfit feels completely fresh, very of-the-moment, and just has that ‘oh!’ factor. My eye was first drawn to the gorgeous pop of turquoise jewelry against her purple Marchesa dress. If this pairing doesn’t convince you to immediately try the two colors together, I don’t know what will. Plus, it’s a great reminder that turquoise is NOT just a summer stone.

I also love the dress, in what looks to be a purple ultrasuede, with its delicate cutouts that almost make it appear like a beautiful paper art. The loose hair and understated makeup make it a home run in my book. So go ahead: find yourself a pretty purple dress and try on some of these jewels for size:

18k Yellow Gold Turquoise 2.19 ctw Diamond Cocktail Ring sz 6.5


20K yellow gold turquoise earrings




Handcrafted Sterling Silver & Gold Floral 16 ctw Rose-Cut Diamond Turquoise Hinged Bangle Bracelet

Image via JustJared

Good for you Gold?

Apparently gold facials have gone mainstream. Who knew? Equinox spas are now offering signature treatments containing 24-karat gold flakes said to ‘moisturize, hydrate and reduce signs of aging’. I dug around a bit and found that the idea is far from new. Cleopatra herself was said to sleep wearing a gold mask, and ancient Chinese empresses had gold rollers for facial massage.

Gold flakes have been put in consumer products ranging from liquor to paint to desserts–mostly for aesthetic value. But it’s interesting to think about whether it can have a healing effect on the human body. (Totally reserving my judgement on this ridiculous product that might, however, make you laugh.)

I will say that certain gold accessories can automatically put me in a great mood (like this, this and this); maybe that’s enough?


Now or Never: JUDITH RIPKA

Summer is the perfect time to show off your favorite gemstones–you’re showing a lot of skin, and the bright colors of semiprecious stones just works in the heat. That’s why we are doing a great Judith Ripka Now or Never sale through noon ET tomorrow; these jewels are bold, bright and just in time for the season.

Our current favorites are this fabulous green peridot cocktail ring, this menswear-inspired diamond ID bracelet, and this sapphire and diamond hinge bracelet (similar to a Ripka piece worn by America Ferrara, above).

Other fans of the brand include Cindy Crawford, Debra Messing and Tina Fey (in Ripka, below). Take an EXTRA 15% OFF for 24 hours only by using code NNJR.

Poker Face?

Our Now or Never Sale today is really special, and if you’re in the market for a totally unique gift for a loved one or yourself, you’re in luck! Designer Rachelle Epstein came upon a collection of antique poker/casino chips and knew that they were the perfect inspiration for one-of-a-kind accessories.

The mother-of-pearl chips are casino chips used around 1900 (before plastics) in European and South American Casinos. Some are from Vichy, France and others are from a casino/spa in Belgium called L’ Etrangier (the Foreigner), supposedly frequented by F. Scott Fitzgerald. All of these chips are extremely rare.

The others are clay composite American poker chips also from the 1900’s from different (illegal & legal) clubs used for different versions of poker games. After plastics were invented, these went by the by, and many are very rare including the cupid on a bike and the “kissing” owls.

Plus, all of these pieces have a built-in bonus: They represent getting lucky! FYI: The chips are not fragile but should not be washed with soap and water. All of the jewels are already priced at 50% off retail, but use code NNRE to score an additional 25% OFF at checkout.

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Get the Look: Rihanna

Normally, it’s hard to try to copy a style as out-there as Rihanna‘s. From the funky hairstyles to the crazy dress cutouts, she doesn’t usually do downplayed. But then she goes and tones it down while sitting courtside at the Knicks game on Monday night in NYC.

There is nothing I like better than a simple white t-shirt for showing off a great selection of jewelry. Rihanna mixes and matches several yellow gold necklaces (including what looks like two rosaries and a locket among others) with a simple pair of diamond studs.

Don’t be afraid to layer necklaces to make a bold statement. Rihanna makes a smart move by only choosing yellow gold so the look isn’t too busy. Here’s a few options to recreate her style:

KIESELSTEIN-CORD 18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Chain Necklace

M+J SAVITT 18k Yellow Gold Plated Nugget 2-Row Necklace

EWA SOLARSKA 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Pillow Drop Necklace

CARTIER Platinum 1.51 ctw Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Image via JustJared

Ante up!


We were lucky enough to put together a fantastic collection of antique poker/casino chip jewelry, and I thought you might want the inside scoop on the pieces. Here’s the background information, straight from designer Rachelle Epstein:


The mother-of-pearl chips are casino chips used around 1900 (before plastics) in European and South American Casinos. Some are from Vichy, France or from a casino/spa in Belgium that supposedly F. Scott Fitzgerald went to called L’ Etrangier (the Foreigner). All are extremely rare.

The others are American poker chips and are a clay composite also from the 1900′s from different (illegal & legal) clubs used for different versions of poker games. After plastics were invented, these went by the by, and many are very rare like the cupid on a bike or the “kissing” owls. They are not fragile but should not be washed with soap and water.


Hopefully we piqued your curiosity! Check out our fantastic collection of these casino chip pieces right here.