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Surprise! One of our Pinners never saw this coming…

There’s nothing like a good surprise. At Portero, we were extremely touched by Emma B.’s pin about a Louis Vuitton mini-Speedy bag she had as a child. She pinned it from Portero.com with the story:

“My mom bought me one of these before I was born in Italy with my father..I lost it when I was little after filling it with nosense a 3 year old plays with, would love to have one again to give my daughter!”

In fact, we were so touched by this sweet tale of classic luxury that was lost, we sent her another mini monogram bag (pictured above). We think it makes a small, but iconic fashion statement. Plus, it’s impossible not to coo over how cute it is.

While Emma doesn’t have a daughter of her own yet, she did recently get engaged. Her mom bought the original bag for her in Italy when she was 1 1/2 years old. “I used to carry everything in it..coins..dolls..whatever I could stuff into it,obviously oblivious what a great bag it was,” recalls Emma.

Somewhere along the line it got lost, but now we’ve found for it. When Emma showed her mom the new bag, she cried.

So happy to have been part of this heartfelt reunion – and we’re very certain this one won’t get lost in the shuffle.

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