1) Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Black Lambskin or Caviar Leather

In the words of Coco Chanel, “style remains,” with this iconic handbag.  Inspired by 1920′s military satchels, Coco Chanel’s classic Flap Bag changed handbag design forever.

This versatile starter handbag is crafted in both lambskin and caviar (not the caviar we find during our weekly sushi binge – though we love that too!). What’s the difference? Caviar leather is made up of very close tiny dots (like caviar), it is easy to clean and does not show wear easily. It’s extremely durable, and is great for gals who are hard on their bags. Lambskin is a soft smooth leather that can scratch easily but is more luxurious to the touch.

As for color, if you are a black bag wearer, it’s best to start with this color. If you wear natural colored neutrals more often, brown, tan, or even dark red could work for you too.  Nonetheless, they are harder to come by in the secondary market place.  Do not fret!  Our Find it for Me experts will help locate your most desired color.

How do you wear your flap bag? The options are limitless.  The perfect day to night bag, it can be worn long with a single strap, or you can double the strap; making it shorter to hold in hand or for a shorter shoulder bag look.

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2) Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bag

Let’s face it; every gal should have a monogrammed piece by Louis Vuitton. Whether it be a Speedy, a Noe, or a Neverfull, it is great to have one in your wardrobe as an everyday bag or an easy to pack travel bag (FYI they fold flat!  Need we say more?).

The great thing about Louis Vuitton monogrammed canvas pieces is that they are recognized around the world and have existed for ages. In this case, it’s totally fine to buy one that has been very worn, since the aging process of these bags only makes them lovelier with a patina to the leather.

It’s also considered quite chic to carry older ones as they appear to have been passed down. They are easy to clean since coated canvas can be wiped down with a cloth. Stylish women throughout time have all carried one at some point (think the undoubtedly lovely Audrey Hepburn), and so should you!

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3) Hermes Garden Party Bag

There is no doubt in our minds that every gal should own a piece of Hermes.   It is the epitome of luxury.  Though many of us cannot spend a fortune on a Kelly or Birkin (just yet), it is a good thing Hermes has another other great everyday bag to keep us occupied – the Garden Party.  If, however, you are a truly lucky gal, we will choose to live vicariously through you and your exquisite Birkin or Kelly, (or in our dreams… both!).

Now, back to the Garden Party… If you love to stuff a tote full, like some of the gals here at Portero, the Garden Party is just for you! It is made extremely well and will give you a preview of what Hermes has to offer in terms of quality.

The Garden Party is a simple tote that comes in all leather or toile canvas with leather handles and bottom. The leathers vary on the Garden Party, but if you want it to show less wear, go with something grained. An all leather Garden Party is best for year-round wear, while the toile canvas with leather version is a great bag for spring/summer and into early fall. The toile canvas is also easy to clean with water and a cloth.

Once you carry Hermes, we guarantee you will be hooked, and want to begin collecting more and more. There are no other bags in the marketplace that compare in quality craftsmanship and timeless elegance. They are all hand-stitched and made with the best materials available in the world. Hermes is indeed the Rolls Royce of the handbag universe and every gal should own one at some point.

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4) Judith Leiber Evening Clutch Bag

Judith Leiber is a brand that has been around for decades and consistently produces exciting and exquisite evening bags. Whether they are made of Austrian crystals in the shape of exotic animal figurines (elephants, Chinese Foo dogs, leopards, you name it!), cupcakes, simple rectangle boxes, or classic exotic skins with cabochon details, these clutches make a statement the moment they are carried into a room.

Vintage lovers take note! If you are in the market for a starter evening bag, the vintage Judith Leibers have become much more affordable then they once were.

Each Judith Leiber evening clutch generally comes with a detachable shoulder strap, or one that can be tucked in; allowing you a hands free night.  What more could a gal want?

They are great for black tie or simple night out with friends. No doubt you and your Judith Leiber will be the hit of the night!

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5) Chanel WOC Wallet on a Chain Bag

Who doesn’t need/want/love a wallet on a chain? No one. So, lucky for us, Chanel was kind enough to develop this genius little bag for us gals on the go, who only want to carry credit cards, a phone, lipstick and a compact.

What could be better for a long day of shopping when you have to carry around heavy bags from your purchases? Nothing.

Or, nightmare, you don’t have time to stop home before you go out! Just tuck the strap in and make it a clutch. (Chanel thinks of everything!)

Chanel makes this beauty in an array of colors, shapes and materials. It is an ever-practical, multipurpose small bag that you won’t be able to live without. It can be worn cross body, over the shoulder, or tucked in as a clutch. We thank you Chanel for this fabulous little practical fashion innovation!

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