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Why I love PORTERO, featuring Wannabe Fashion Blogger

Why I Love PORTERO ft Wannabe Fashion Blogger

An interview with Tamryn Miller of Wannabe Fashion Blogger.

We first met (and immediately loved) Tamryn over social media. She had purchased a mini Chanel flap bag from us and was sharing her experience with her readers.

“When I first started looking for a Chanel bag, I was very overwhelmed. So many people warned me not to buy designer handbags online because they had heard so many horror stories about authentication issues and misrepresented images,” she says. “Since I knew I wanted a pre-loved bag (aka vintage!), I started searching for trusted companies that I knew I could trust. When I found PORTERO, the clean layout website really stood out to me.”

After corresponding with our Customer Care team, Tamryn felt more comfortable investing in this timeless bag.

“When I received the bag a couple of days later, it was so beautifully packaged that I gasped when I opened it. I couldn’t believe that I had finally bought myself a Chanel bag that I had been wanting for years.”

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Tamryn as part of our Why I Love PORTERO Series. Read on and get to know Tamryn!

PORTERO: Why do you love PORTERO?

Tamryn Miller: The PORTERO team truly cares about their customers and the product that they are selling. They will never try to sell you something that you don’t want just to make a quick buck and they actually care about you as a person. I can’t tell you how rare it is to find these qualities in a company that sells designer items!

PORTERO: When it comes to fashion, what is your Golden Rule?

Tamryn: My “Golden Rule” is to be true to who you are. When I first started my blog, I would often dress according to what was trendy and what I thought my audience would want to see me in. However, I didn’t feel like I was dressing for myself. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been developing and perfecting my personal style to be truer to who I am and I have never been happier!


PORTERO: Describe your style in five words or less.

Tamryn Miller for Portero.comPhotos courtesy of Tamryn Miller, edited by PORTERO


PORTERO: Tell us about your first designer handbag.

Tamryn: [It] was a Betsey Johnson hobo bag (it was 2002!) that I bought at Nordstrom Rack. I was so proud of it because I was a big fan of Betsey Johnson’s quirky designs and thought the bag was SO cool.

PORTERO: You are the quintessential Chanel Lover. Why do you love Chanel so much?

Tamryn: Oh boy, there are so many answers to this question. However, the one answer that I consistently use is Chanel is timeless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Chanel hand bag NOT work with any outfit. Street style, ultra feminine, and even sporty looks, you name it. Chanel will complete any outfit!

PORTERO: So what would your dream bag be?

Tamryn: Honestly, I am such a Chanel girl that my dream bag would be a medium nude flap bag with silver hardware, a Chanel Lego Clutch, or something ultra unique like this one.

PORTERO: Besides fashion, what else are you passionate about?

I love to eat! I am always trying new restaurants in San Francisco with my husband and friends. There’s something about food that connects people and my favorite conversations always happen over a shared meal.

Sequin Chanel bag courtesy of PORTERO.comTamryn rocked this sequin Chanel flap bag from to New York Fashion Week


PORTERO: Can you share a tip for shopping pre-owned designer handbags online?

Tamryn: My biggest tip for shopping for pre-owned luxury bags and accessories is DO YOUR RESEARCH and know exactly what you want before you buy. Also, don’t settle for something just because it’s “close” to what you want because you will never be fully satisfied.

PORTERO: What is you favorite fashion quote?

PORTERO x Wannabe Fashion BloggerPhoto courtesy of Tamryn Miller. Edited by

Check out Tamryn’s favorite CHANEL bags and accessories on by clicking here.

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