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Napoleon + Josephine: Historic ring up for auction

Great love stories often have one simple thing signifying the relationship – a ring.

In the case of Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine, that ring is a stunning pairing of a tear-shaped sapphire and diamond, each approximately one carat set into a gold band. It will be up for auction at the Osenat auction house in France on March 24. 

What a love story it represents. The two were engaged two weeks after they met in 1796 and were crowned Emperor and Empress of the French in 1804. In 1810, they divorced because her infertility prevented her from providing an heir. However, their separation included declarations of devotion to each other. Their story didn’t end there as Napoleon uttered Josephine as his final word.

Romantic! And that ring, like all estate jewelry, tells quite a story.

Napoleon Bonaparte

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