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More than 100 Birkins – right here, right now

Ah, the Birkin.

As Hermès-philes know, most non-movie stars can’t walk into a boutique and buy one. You might be added to a wait list. That makes the Birkin the most elusive and exclusive handbag in the world. 

So, why wait? We always have more than 100 Birkins in stock, including the classics (a pristine gold togo 40, pictured above).

After the jump, see some of our other favorites, this week, at least.

Bangale Epsom 35 Birkin – The gorgeous deep emerald is Pantone’s 2013 color of the year.

Six-color 30 Birkin – Rare and playful, it makes quite a fun statement.

Amethyst Porosus Crocoile 35 Birkin – Exotic is the ultimate luxury.

Swift leather Ghillies 35 Birkin – The perfect combination of classic and rare.

Blue Jean Leather 35 Birkin – Buying a pre-owned, pre-loved bag in excellent, very good, good or fair condition can mean a bargain. Just promise you’ll give it a good home!

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