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How to tie a turban headband with a Hermès scarf

Today, Elizabeth Bernstein, our all-knowing handbag authenticator, shows us how to tie a turban headband with a Hermès scarf. ”Great for spring – riding bikes, at the beach – and a quick bad hair day fix! ” she said. She suggests pairing it with a braid, fishtail or just with your hair down naturally. Read on for step-by-step details. 

blog turban headband 600In this specific hairdo, we extreme side-parted the hair (big on runways), and made a basic low pony tail braid, with only one elastic securing the bottom. 1. Fold the scarf in half into a triangle. Then roll the scarf up to the tip to make it about 3-inches thick. Tip: you can make it thicker or thinner depending on what look you are going for.  We used a 70cm square from Hermès, a 90cm would work as well. 2. Pull the scarf gently (without unfolding) under your braid and secure it at the top with a tight first tie of a knot. 3. Take the two ends and criss-cross them (do not knot them) and pull one end to either side tightly. Up to you how tight. Looser will create a bigger knot, but make sure it is tight enough to stay secure. 4. Tuck each end of the scarf into the headband, one to the front and one to the back. For a more secure hold you can use hair pins to hold the tips of the scarf down after you tuck them. Try not to use spray after you secure this look or you will ruin your scarf! 5. Et Voila! Check out Portero’s scarves here.

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