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How to Protect Your Hermès Bag


Congratulations on purchasing your Hermès bag! You have in your hands a beautiful piece of art crafted from the most exquisite of materials, by the most meticulous artisans. You bag could have taken anywhere from 10 to 24 hours, or perhaps even more, to be handmade by a single craftsman. Whether you bought it in pristine condition, or pre-loved, it’s only natural that you would want to keep it in the best shape possible, especially in case you want to sell or consign it in the future, so here we have the best tips on how to protect your Hermès bag.


1. Store Your Hermès Bag Properly.

  • Always stuff your bag after use so it doesn’t lose its shape.
  • If you decide to keep the box, don’t remove the tissue, as it’s been expertly folded so your bag can rest on it without losing its shape.
  • If you don’t have a box, store your bag in a dust bag and never store it in plastic, since you want the leather to be able to breathe.
  • Never store your Hermès bag n direct sunlight, as its color could fade, or in a humid place, as it could develop mildew.
  • If you purchased a pristine bag that comes with protective felt, be sure to put it back after use, so the hardware isn’t marked on the leather. If you don’t have protective hardware, store your bag with the straps open.

2. Don’t Use the Bag Every Day

Instead have a few bags in rotation. The more you use it, the more chances you have of potentially damaging it. And just like with any other leather item (including shoes) the more you wear the leather, the more supple it will become.

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3. Keep It Clean

In order to keep the inside of your bag stain-free keep all your stuff in pouches. For example, don’t put your  blush and lipstick directly inside the bag, instead keep it inside a cosmetics case. Never carry a pen, as ink stains are impossible to remove.

4. Keep Your Hermès Bag Dry

If your Hermès handbag came with a raincoat, keep it in the bag and use it when it rains or snows.

How to Care for your Hermes Bag

5. Take it to the Spa

If your bag is scratched or stained take it to the Hermès spa as quickly as possible, where they will be able to refurbish and, depending on the leather, make it look (almost) brand new. You can also take it to the spa if the leather’s gotten dry. Never try to repair an Hermès bag yourself.

6. Avoid Lotions and Alcohol

If possible, keep lotions and anything containing alcohol (like hand sanitizer) away from your Hermès bag, as it could stain it and the damage could be irreversible. If you’re someone who wears a lot of hand lotion, keep it in a zip-lock bag inside your bag and consider purchasing a twilly or scarf to wrap around the handles.

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