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Excuse us, Mr. Bond, what time is it?

We literally can’t say “Skyfall” without humming some of Adele’s theme song and we can’t think about James Bond without conjuring images of shaken-not-stirred martinis and gadgets, right down to 007′s wristwatch.

Since Pierce Brosnan in “Goldeneye,” the super-spy has worn an Omega — a Seasmaster such as this limited edition watch , which commemorated the 40th anniversary in 2002. Daniel Craig has sported Omegas in his trio of Bond films.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bond, Omega has issued a limited edition Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M with only 5,007 available.

Of course die-hard fans may want to go old school…

In the Ian Fleming books, Bond always wore a Rolex Explorer. In the movies, the original Bond as played by Sean Connery wore Rolex — typically a submariner such as this vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual James Bond Submarniner Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s 6536 Watch.

It gets its underwater cred for a uni-directional bezel for tracking time while submerged. While we can claim that it comes with any hidden laser beams, we can guarantee the timelessness of anything Bond touches. And the fact you’ll hear the theme music every time you wear it.

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