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Elizabeth’s Pick: Hermès Bi-Color Eclat Jypsiere Bag

Join us on our never-ending (but enjoyable quest) for a day bag with a strap long enough to be worn as a cross-body and the timeless style of Hermès – meet the Jypsiere, specifically, this very rare bi-color Etain and Etoupe Clemence Eclat Jypsiere bag. It’s a favorite of our handbag director Elizabeth Bernstein (and her cell phone case friend Cliff).   

“The Jypsiere is one of Hermès’s most amazing everyday bag creations thus far,” says Elizabeth. “This bag is perfect for work, shopping, weekend, travel, etc.”

“This specific bag is Etain grey with contrast Etoupe interior – an “Eclat” bag. You will indeed not see many of these in two-tone as they are very rare. Can be worn by a woman – or yes, even a man!”

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