Contest: Mom knows best!

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on! We’re giving classics, brights, pearls and seriously over-the-top presents. And, you can never go wrong with Chanel.

To celebrate moms, we want to know: What’s the best style advice your mom ever gave you? Share on our Facebook page and you might win a $25 gift card for you and another one for your mom. (You have until midnight EST on Friday, May 11 to enter.)

To get you started: A dear friend’s mom believes in good foundation undergarments. Another swears by a smart strand of pearls to dress up any outfit. A favorite nonogenarian loves capes because they hide a multitude of sins.

Some other stylish mom advice we love:

“You almost always regret prints, but you’ll never regret wearing solids.” — Cate Edwards, on advice that her mom, Elizabeth Edwards, gave her.

“Get rid of all the things that are too ‘Mumsy.’ I got rid of all my over-baggy, nasty, jim-jam things that are frumpy, so when you put things together, everything is working.” — Heidi Klum to Styelist

“Everyone wants to be pretty. But to be amazing and special is about a lot more than your looks. It takes style, substance, kindness, and confidence. Remember to celebrate the qualities that make you unique. They are what inspire me as a makeup artist, and they should inspire you too. With or without makeup, you are pretty powerful.” — Makeup guru Bobbi Brown to Redbook

“I teach my daughters never to be afraid of looking foolish if they really believe in something. I love being innovative, and my goal is to inspire my girls to believe in themselves and not worry about what other people think. By teaching them to embrace personal style, they’re stretching their strengths and abilities and ultimately gaining confidence.” — Fashion designer Rachel Roy to Redbook

Can’t wait to hear the style secrets of your mom (or grandmother or aunt)!





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