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A Glossary of Watch Terms

By Nick Marmol, Creative Director of

Glossary of Watch Terms

Bezel: The ring that surrounds the crystal of the watch face. It’s usually made of gold, gold-plate, platinum, or stainless steel.

Bracelet: A metal strip that holds the watch to the wrist. If the strip is made out of leather or rubber it’s called a strap.

Case: The housing of the watch’s movement. They come in many shapes and materials. The most typical is titanium, although gold, silver, and platinum are also used. The case can give the watch an attractive appearance.

Crown: A button on the outside of the case used to wind mechanical watches. Also used to set the time, and set a calendar.

Cyclops: The small lens on the crystal that magnifies the date.

Dial: The watch face, indicating time, such as hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds.

Hand: The indicator that moves over the dial to mark the hour, minute, or second.

Marker: Numbers (Arabic or Roman) or symbols around the dial to indicate the hour.

Strap: A strip of leather or rubber that holds the watch to the wrist. If the strip is made out of metal it’s called a bracelet.

Watch pictured: Men’s Rolex Datejust with Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel $3,700
Fine Watches available on PORTERO.comHublot Big Bang Tutti Frutti Rose Watch $19,541. Pre-Owned Bulgari Tubogas Stainless Steel Watch $4,400. Pre-Owned Men’s Green Rolex Submariner, Anniversary Edition $7,700.

An Interview with Creative Director Nick Marmol: His Love for Watches

Nick Marmol Creative Director of PORTERO

When did you first start admiring vintage watches?

I started admiring watches while visiting antique auctions in England at the age of seven. My father used to be an antiques dealer. I often stopped to check out the vitrines of jewelry and watches and was fascinated by pocket watches.

How has your knowledge of antiques influenced your passion for vintage watches?

I like design and how things are made. Same as with antiques, watches are made by skilled craftsmen.


What qualities should buyers look for when purchasing a vintage timepiece?

Buy something with a good quality movement. If it’s your first, or one of your first watches- an entry level watch, as we’d say- go for a vintage Omega. Or if you can spend a bit more, go for a nice vintage Rolex Oyster.  Try to get something with its original papers and box. And lastly, buy something you love.

What are some of the brands that hold their value over time? In other words, what watch makes for a great investment?

Rolex always seems to hold some value, as does Patek Philippe. Both brands are highly collectible.

Why should one buy a vintage watch?

My reasons for buying a vintage watch are that I love the history attached to it. I always wonder who wore it before me and what that watch has seen! A vintage watch can also make  you stand out from the crowd, as it adds just a little je ne sais quoi to a business suit or casual outfit.

Vintage Rolex Oyster

What is your most treasured watch in your collection?

I just love my 1966 Rolex Oyster, and I have all its original paperwork. It was purchased at the Raffles hotel in Singapore, and had one previous owner before me. Everything, including the metal strap, are original. You can check this by matching the serial numbers on the strap to the ones on the back of the case.

What is your favorite watch on

My favorite watch currently on PORTERO is a Vintage Rolex Cosmography Daytona, found here. I love that is a pretty rare Daytona model from 1962. I love the large face, and the whole style of it. You’d be a fool not to buy it!

vintage Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Cellini Watch Collection: Mixing Vintage Inspiration with a Timeless Sensibility

Adding the right Rolex to your collection is a way to incorporate some history into your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd. The Cellini watch collection is a favorite of watch aficionados. Inspired by the goldsmith and sculptor to the popes,  the Cellini is one of the most highly coveted models and signals true artistry.

rolex cellini guide portero watches and rolex oyster models

omega- feature image

Spotlight on Vintage Omega

When Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the moon proclaiming, “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” he leapt with the first and only timepiece to land on the moon, Omega.

In La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland 1848, Louis Brandt founded Omega with the foundation of providing innovative and well-crafted timepieces. Now, Omega stands as the official timekeeper of 21 Olympic Games and the official chronometer for NASA.

Omega has been adored by many leading public figures including President John F. Kennedy and Prince William. The Omega brand has also been sponsored by celebrities and athletes such as George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, and Michael Phelps.

Shop Portero’s Omega collection here.

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Never too Early to Collect…

A collector to the core, our Manager of Merchandising, Nick Marmol, is fascinated with all things antique and vintage. Since joining the Portero team, his keen eye has transfixed on the art of horology.

Over the years he has collected and traded numerous timepieces from Antique Pocket watches to Retro Led watches though always desiring a classic, vintage Rolex…

The year was 1966, a year all English football fans, including our very own Englishman, recall as the last time England won the World Cup. Was it fate, destiny, or just pure coincidence? Whichever you believe; when this classic 1966 Rolex entered the Portero premises, temptation took hold.

“I personally like to buy vintage watches which hold some historical significance – like a birth year or another important year in your life,” says Nick.

With its original papers, strap, matching registration marks, its sole owner, and of course, its symbolic year, Nick finally found his Rolex match.

Whether England wins the 2014 World Cup, it seems as though this Rolex will remain in Nick’s collection for years to come!

Enjoy a small collection of Nick’s favorite vintage timepieces from






VACHERON CONSTANTIN Rare Case Signed Vacheron Constantin LeCoultre Men’s Vintage Mystery 14k Galaxy Watch







ROLEX Vintage Oyster Perpetual 18k Yellow Gold Midsize Automatic Watch 6548



Patek Philippe




PATEK PHILIPPE  Rare Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Pocket Watch for Tiffany & Co. – Manual Winding






ROLEX Vintage Collectible Men’s Steel & Gold 2-Tone Datejust 1600



Hermes bracelet and vintage Cartier watch

Vintage Cartier meets its match

Toughen up a vintage watch — such as this Cartier Tank — with a Hermès leather bracelet. (This one is a Double Tour Rivale.)

photo 4-1

Style crush: Cartier Tank Francaise watch

The Cartier Tank Francaise watch is our favorite right now — so we interrupted this fashionista’s manicure to snap a photo. The signature sapphire cabochon crown is impossible to miss…which is just fine by us.

0703 eugnie composite 2 sepia 2

Fit for a princess! Let’s help New York’s newest resident out

In the most exciting Royals news on this side of the Atlantic, Princess Eugenie (daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson) is moving to New York. Like so many 23-year-olds before her, she will chase her hopes and dreams in the Big Apple. And this isn’t a pleasure trip  – Eugenie will be working at Paddle8, an online auction house that collaborates with non-profits.

Inspired by Stylite’s guide to Eugenie’s life in New York City, we’ve offered up some of our favorite handbags and accessories so that she can prove that royalty has no geographic boundaries.

THE BAG: Diplomacy comes in all forms – Eugnie has proven she isn’t afraid to make a statement with her handbag before, so here are some she might try toting around the city.

1. If the princess wants to represent her homeland abroad, she might opt for a Burberry Ashbury bag. It suits her youth by eschewing the expected nova check in favor of gold leather.

0703 eugenie bag 2

2. This is the time to try out an American designer! This Proenza Schouler XL PS1 will fit her work necessities while flaunting the favorite label of New York socialites. Plus, that color!

0703 eugenie bag 3

3. Eugenie’s mom has been spotted with a Birkin and they are heirlooms. Nothing says on-her-way like the ultimate Hermès it-bag.

0703 eugenie bag 1

THE WATCH: Even princesses have to be punctual. We like the idea of Eugenie to rely on a traditional wristwatch instead of an iPhone.

1. You’re in America now, so what about the Cartier Tank Americaine? We like the bracelet feel of this white gold version.

0703 eugenie watch 1

2. This Rolex Cellini watch calls out elegance, but the feel of the leather strap makes it very day and work appropriate.

0703 eugenie watch 2

3. Since Brits are always off to Polo matches, Eugenie Piaget Polo quartz watch. Bonus: Princesses can always carry off diamonds.

0703 eugenie watch 3

THE JEWELRY: The crown jewels will presumably stay in England. (Won’t they?) But that doesn’t mean that Eugenie can’t accessorize.

1. A pair of classic diamond stud earrings that she can wear day and night will be perfect for balancing a work-socialite lifestyle.

0703 eugenie 3

2. Young and urban? The Hermès Collier de Chien (CDC) will give Eugenie a downtown edge when she feels rebellious, but not scandalous.

0703 eugenie cdc

3. Eugenie seems to favor more delicate jewelry, so a Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace  will suit her just perfectly.

0703 eugenie alhambra

0627 jb final

A Breitling watch fit for 007

The story behind this Breitling Top Time watch echoes a James Bond-worthy mini-drama. And it should.

Here’s what happened: Someone spotted it at a garage sale in the UK and bought it for about $38. He thought it looked like the watch Sean Connery wore in “Thunderball” in 1965. As it turned out, it was that exact timepiece.

According to Reuters, the 1962 Breitling timepiece was modified by the James Bond art department to include a geiger counter that measures radioactivity so that 007 can track down two nuclear bonds stolen from NATO. While Breitling watches have been worn been worn by astronauts, that isn’t a typical feature.

The watch sold this week at Christie’s for $160,000.

You don’t need to be an international super spy to get this look.  Shop all Breitling watches here.

Portero Branded Hermes Cluster

Your Guide to Hermès Watches

When somebody asks you for the time, do you reach for your cell phone? Stop. Just stop. It’s way more stylish, especially now, to look to your wrist.

We’re trying to make it easy for your to do the chic time check with an exclusive Hermès Watch Event for the next few weeks with 0ver 40% off like-new offerings.

We saw first hand last fall how these timepieces are meticulously assembled by hand at the Festival des Métiers in New York.

Each style translates the striking design that Hermès is known for and adds the technology of precision watchmaking. You’ll find the same leathers and luxurious details you’d expect from the French design huse.

Here’s a guide to some of Hermès watches styles:

0416 2 r1s1H Hour:  It’s hard to miss that emblematic “H” for Hermès. Since 1996, this minimalist graphic approach is balanced with a simple sundial-like dial.




0416 2 r1s3Cape Cod: A solitary anchor chain inspired this homage to the peninsula of Cape Cod. Henri d’Origny created this watch in 1991 with the coastline on his mind. 




0416 2 r2s2
Clipper: The elegant, speedy 19th-century sailing ship inspired this sports watch with its six rivet-bezel taking cues from the ship’s portholes.





Shop the event here and read on for information about some other classic Hermès watches.
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