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Inside a double flap bag

Take a closer look: Inside a Chanel 2.55 bag

The double flap got its name for a reason — there are two closures. Inside, you’ll find rich burgundy leather that connects back to Coco. The mademoiselle grew up in an orphanage and the color echoes the orphans’ uniforms.

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To Coco Chanel on her 130th birthday

In Mademoiselle Chanel’s own words: “A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous.”

Featured: A classic Chanel quilted 2.55 double flap bag.

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Painting a portrait of Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel’s image was very important to her. So much so that she didn’t let Pablo Picasso paint her. She did, however, let her friend Marion Pike create several portrait, which will be featured in an upcoming exhibition in London. Meet you there?

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The story behind Coco Chanel’s favorite flower: The Camellia

One of the most amazing things about Chanel – vintage and new – is how Coco Chanel’s personal story is reflected over and over again in the details.

That goes right down to the camellia flowers, featured on bags and jewelry. We read about the rich history in Elle magazine. “Talk about love at first sight: Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel fell head over heels for the camellia after one was given to her by her polo-playing lover, Boy Capel. She started pinning silk versions to her lapels, her hair and the blossoms found a home on the black-and-gold-laquered Coromandel screens in her apartment at 31, rue Cambon.”

In Southeast Asia, where the bloom originated, the camellia represents longevity. Truly apropos.

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Giveaway! Win this Chanel 2.55 bag + a guide to everything you want to know about it

Do you think of yourself as a doyenne of fashion? Perhaps, a doyenne of Chanel? Portero wants to help you dress the part. Along with SheFinds and Joyus, we’re giving away this stunning Chanel Black Metallic Leather 2.55 Reissue 228 Jumbo Flap Bag. You can enter here before Friday, April 5.

In case you’re a doyenne-in-training, here’s the scoop on this classic Chanel handbag:

The lock: It’s the original Chanel bag lock (before those interlocking CCs). Known as the Mademoiselle lock because Coco Chanel never married and became a madame.

The 2.55 name: The famous numerals come from the date of the bag’s original release in February 1955 as in 2/55.

The interior: A burgundy lining that echoes the orphans’ uniforms.

The chain: The double chain strap refers to Coco’s orphanage roots, where her caretakers would dangle their keys from similar chains.

The zippered compartment: Every Mademoiselle needs a place to stash her love letters.

The 228: Refers to the size. This is a very rare extra large Jumbo. The ranges is from 224 to 228.

Bon chance! 


Chanel WOC metallic 600

Feeling the subtle shimmer of this Chanel WOC

We’re getting ready for some holiday cheer and this pewter Chanel wallet-on-a-chain is at the top of our wish list.

Shiny, goes with everything and in excellent condition.

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Enter to win this Chanel bag!

Do you have a go-to little black bag? Well, ta-da! We want to make sure one lucky winner is set for life with our latest sweepstakes.

We’ve teamed with our fashionable friends Styleite and Joyus to giveaway this authentic pre-owned Chanel chevron flap bag. It features black lambskin, a chevron flap and gold hardware. Though it goes with everything, you can find a new outfit — along with plenty of inspiration — on Joyus, which has sweetened the sweepstakes with a $500 gift card.

One caveat: We really want pictures of your fabulousness.

Enter here – through Nov. 18th.