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Five Things to Know When Buying Vintage Chanel Bags sells authentic Chanel handbags

A girl can never have too much Chanel-  vintage or otherwise!

Below are five tips from our Senior Director of Handbags and Accessories, Elizabeth Bernstein, to help you find the perfect vintage Chanel bag.

1. Know who’s selling

Vintage Chanel Bags on PORTERO.comVintage handbags available on


Chanel bags are immensely popular and recognized around the world (the Classic Chanel Flap is an iconic handbag), so it’s no surprise they are highly replicated. That’s why it’s important you do your research beforehand, and shop only with reputable sellers, like We have thousands of authentic designer items, including some beautiful, hard-to-find, vintage Chanel bags. Beware of small sellers and new sites popping up everywhere. Make sure you are shopping with a long-standing reputable business. And if the price is too good to be true, very likely it’s a fake!

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Cellini Watch Collection: Mixing Vintage Inspiration with a Timeless Sensibility

Adding the right Rolex to your collection is a way to incorporate some history into your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd. The Cellini watch collection is a favorite of watch aficionados. Inspired by the goldsmith and sculptor to the popes,  the Cellini is one of the most highly coveted models and signals true artistry.

rolex cellini guide portero watches and rolex oyster models

omega- feature image

Spotlight on Vintage Omega

When Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the moon proclaiming, “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” he leapt with the first and only timepiece to land on the moon, Omega.

In La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland 1848, Louis Brandt founded Omega with the foundation of providing innovative and well-crafted timepieces. Now, Omega stands as the official timekeeper of 21 Olympic Games and the official chronometer for NASA.

Omega has been adored by many leading public figures including President John F. Kennedy and Prince William. The Omega brand has also been sponsored by celebrities and athletes such as George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, and Michael Phelps.

Shop Portero’s Omega collection here.

Hermes bracelet and vintage Cartier watch

Vintage Cartier meets its match

Toughen up a vintage watch — such as this Cartier Tank — with a Hermès leather bracelet. (This one is a Double Tour Rivale.)

0627 jb final

A Breitling watch fit for 007

The story behind this Breitling Top Time watch echoes a James Bond-worthy mini-drama. And it should.

Here’s what happened: Someone spotted it at a garage sale in the UK and bought it for about $38. He thought it looked like the watch Sean Connery wore in “Thunderball” in 1965. As it turned out, it was that exact timepiece.

According to Reuters, the 1962 Breitling timepiece was modified by the James Bond art department to include a geiger counter that measures radioactivity so that 007 can track down two nuclear bonds stolen from NATO. While Breitling watches have been worn been worn by astronauts, that isn’t a typical feature.

The watch sold this week at Christie’s for $160,000.

You don’t need to be an international super spy to get this look.  Shop all Breitling watches here.

blog ring napoleon

Napoleon + Josephine: Historic ring up for auction

Great love stories often have one simple thing signifying the relationship – a ring.

In the case of Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine, that ring is a stunning pairing of a tear-shaped sapphire and diamond, each approximately one carat set into a gold band. It will be up for auction at the Osenat auction house in France on March 24. 

What a love story it represents. The two were engaged two weeks after they met in 1796 and were crowned Emperor and Empress of the French in 1804. In 1810, they divorced because her infertility prevented her from providing an heir. However, their separation included declarations of devotion to each other. Their story didn’t end there as Napoleon uttered Josephine as his final word.

Romantic! And that ring, like all estate jewelry, tells quite a story.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Tracey Rolex

Spring forward in style with a timeless Rolex watch

If you’re going to lose an hour this weekend, why not do it in style? We’ve been obsessing on Pinterest about chic combination of Rolex watches and bracelets, so we’re adding one more. This one is a vintage Rolex stainless steel oyster Perpetual Datejust automatic watch from 1971. It’s technically a men’s watch, we love making it feminized with a single bangle and showing that you don’t need to save your Rolex for special occasions.

You might want to check out more of Tracey’s ideas on how to mix up your arm candy here.

blog vintage gifts cover

Our expert picks her favorite vintage gifts

What was classic then, is classic now, and will be classic forever? A vintage gift!

We asked our expert handbag authenticator Elizabeth Bernstein for her tips and favorite picks for this year.

Yes, Elizabeth loves to give her friends vintage — here’s the scoop:

Q Why give vintage?
A You can guarantee it will be one of the most original gifts that person will receive. Vintage and antiques are very personal items that are considered rare, special, have had some type of sentimental value to someone, artistic, unusual, items no longer made with such great quality.

Can you give a few examples of vintage gifts you’ve given or received?
Antique gold and emerald ornate broach, vintage Rolex, vintage gold jade and pearl necklace — to die for, vintage exotic skin bags, vintage costume jewelry, vintage hermes scarves, vintage LV bags and luggage, anything and everything vintage Chanel, vintage briefcases and luggage for every day use or for home decor, antique diamond and ruby cocktail ring, vintage chaise lounge, vintage fur stole, antique paintings and drawings, vintage couture dresses, suits, leather pants and skirts etc. let’s be serious — my life is at least 60 percent vintage. I love a good rare find and at this stage almost everyone I am close with knows it is always a safe bet to buy me vintage.

Who would like to be given vintage?
Wives (I have to list my category first, of course), girlfriends, best friends, people who do not have time to decorate or shop for clothing and accessories because pieces of flare and conversation are always great for these people i.e.. bankers, doctors, lawyers (people with less time), quirky people, husbands, neighbors, boyfriends, I don’t know if there is really a limit to who you can give vintage. They are such special pieces that I think they make anyone feel like you really took them into consideration when you found that special rare treasure.

Any favorite vintage items to give this year?
Vintage Rolexes are always a must have, looking to spend a bit less and get some insane fine or costume jewelry is always a good way to go, vintage Hermes, Chanel & LV bags are an amazing deal and always receive handfuls of compliments when worn, something nice for the home.

Any vintage on your gift list?
Dare I tell? Hopefully the right people are reading this… I do have an affinity vintage/antique engagement and cocktail rings and well-made costume statement jewelry. They are so romantic and unusual with incredible detail. I always have my eye on a vintage Hermes crocodile Kelly bag, and I collect vintage Rolexes and share them with my husband, so it is basically a gift for both of us. Two-for-one is always the best!

Elizabeth’s Vintage Gift Picks

“A cool piece of statement vintage costume, or an everyday sparkler!”
(Chanel Vintage Swarovski Crystal Sautoir Necklace and Vintage Platinum 1.30ctw Diamond Art Deco Ring)

See more of Elizabeth’s favorite picks after the jump

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Grace-Kelly-clutching-a-H-007 600

Happy Birthday Grace Kelly!

Born on Nov. 12, 1929 — Grace Kelly went from movie star to royalty.

As a style icon, her impeccable taste stands the test of time. When she was pregnant, she carried the Hermès sac à dépêches to cover her stomach. So associated with the princess, Hermès renamed the top-handle structured bag the “Kelly” in 1956.

We love this stunning tri-color box Kelly and we’re sure that Princess Grace would have too.


Essential Retro Watches

(Click to enlarge!)

Think the retro styling a la Mad Men is wearing off? Think again. The latest cover of GQ Australia shows Taylor Lautner carrying off the mid-century vibe beautifully, wearing tailored suits, slicked-back hair and dapper timepieces.

A vintage watch is a great way to embrace the look without an insanely high price tag. Elegant models by Rolex, Omega and Breitling can be found as low as $1,000 – a relative bargain compared to their contemporary counterparts. Plus, the use of simple, stately dials and always-in-style leather bands means that these accessories will stay in your collection forever.

We put together a set of our favorite essential retro watches – featuring a round face and leather straps – for easy shopping. Our pick for best value is Omega, the Swiss brand that is the official timekeeper of the Olympics.

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