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Bangle jangle!

When it comes to statement jewelry, nothing speaks louder (in more ways than one) than an armful of bangles. A pile of bold, bright bracelets will jazz up any outfit and, depending on how you combine them, can change your entire look in an instant. Just look at how our Jewelry and Watches Director glammed up her summery python print dress and white denim jacket.

Here’s how to make a statement with your wrists:

• Sneak in a watch! We love how the watch really pops on an armful of bangles. This Hermès watch would make a perfect addition.

•  Mix a bunch of vintage, rustic or wood bangles with a clear plastic one for a quick update.

• Wear a stack of bangles in different textures and pattners, but all in the same color palette.

•  Go completely 1960’s mod with an armful of sleek bracelets.

•  Wear the snuggest bangle close to your elbow and the largest closest to your wrist to flatter your forearms.

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