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A postcard from Italy! A visit to an exotic skins factory

The sweet smell of the leather. The texture of polished crocodile. The sight of a 100 year-old machine processing skins. Portero’s director of handbags Elizabeth Bernstein is currently on a vacation in Italy and she couldn’t resist stopping at a factory that produces many of the exotic skins for some of the top brands. Can you blame her? Anyway, here’s her report from abroad:

I was given the lovely pleasure of being able to visit one of the oldest luxury handbag factories in Italy which produces exotic skins and bags for some of our favorite brands! (Shhhh … I cannot say which ones.)

Check out the crocodile by the mile in every color of the rainbow and then some. I was in an absolute heavenly state. (They practically had to drag me out of the croc room kicking and screaming.) From shiny to matte, they had it all. Python, lizard, croc, alligator, you name it.

I was also given the pleasure of seeing how they polish the crocodile to make it shiny with an agate stone, on a machine that is over 100 years old. And yes, they still use it every day and it works like a charm!

The people are just charming and so talented — it is really a treat to see how and where your favorite treasures are born. Take a look at some of the quick pics I was able to snap whilst exploring this treasure chest of goodies.

Ciao e ci vediamo dopo!

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This croc-polishing machine is more than 100 years old!

This croc-polishing machine is more than 100 years old!

An agate stone used for  polishing crocodile.

An agate stone used for polishing crocodile.

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