You’re so charming!


When you think charm bracelets you might think junior high school, but the new versions are conspicuously grown-up and lend any outfit a decidedly of-the-moment twist.

We love this fresh way to wear charms courtesy of Erica Courtney. Her dainty charms such as this horseshoe hang solo on narrow bangles and can be layered with similar styles with any other bracelets or watches.
If you’ve been collecting charms your whole life, you’re in luck with the recent resurgence of the jingling styles. It’s easy to hang a new trinket on your bracelet such as this vintage carnelian urn or tree of life. Or try on this amazing Hermes shooting star — it looks great on the Kelly bracelet or on your own chain.

If you’re new to the trend and want a jump start, go for it with this sterling silver Chanel bracelet or a vintage hearts and stars jingler.

Best of all, you’ll have an instant conversation-starter on your wrist.

Shop more charms here.

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