Springtime in Paris!

Paris fashion week is under way! For those of us who adore ultimate style je ne sais quoi, there is one easy way to capture it – an Hermès silk scarf.

Such elegance and grace – it seems like they teach Parisian women how to mastered the art of tying them in school.

They make it look effortless, but there are plenty of ways for those us of not born into the culture to learn. In fact, Hermès, has an entire website devoted to inspiring ways to wear their scarves. There’s a chance we have these cheat sheets on how to tie them  on our bulletin board. Once you master the basics, you can tie them (almost effortlessly) on your neck or even into a bag. (Note: Not onto a bag, but INTO a bag).

Our favorite of the day — the Grand Noeud Papillon. It turns a simple tee or tank into a dramatic statement. Bonjour Paris!

A few of our favorite Hermès scarves after the jump.

From our wish list…

Rêve de Corail Silk Twill Carré Scarf in gorgeous Pale Beige

Vif Argent Silk Carré 90cm Red scarf – Rare

La Legende Du Poisson Corail Silk Twill Scarf

Brown Yellow Pink & Gold Silk Floral Scarf by Aline Honore










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