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Blushing Brides

I was clicking through some stories on FabSugar today and came across a great slideshow of celebrity engagement rings. Now that wedding season has kicked off, I know that a lot of ladies (and men) are giving some serious thought to what they’d want to buy or wear if the big day comes. While I don’t think you should necessarily be swayed by a certain star’s choice, I do think they are a great jumping off place for ideas about your own ring.

Here are a few of our favorites, and similar options available right now on

I like the modern, circular design of Natalie Portman‘s ring, and even better, her fiancé was sure that it was made with ethically-sourced diamonds. Try this fabulous ring by David Alan for a very similar look:

By now we’ve all heard tons about Kate Middleton‘s sapphire and diamond ring passed down from Princess Diana, but that doesn’t mean the classic design of the ring should be dismissed. Colored gems are a perfectly lovely choice for an engagement ring, and are in fact gaining in popularity.

You can’t get much more similar than this sapphire and diamond ring, priced at an amazing 55% off of the retail value!

I love the oval shape of Christina Applegate‘s ring, and it has a distinct vintage feel to it. I love the idea of a vintage engagement ring–it really embraces the feeling of endless love, whether or not you find that a bit cheesy. I always wonder who wore the ring before me and where it will be after. Kind of romantic, no?

Try something from the Art Deco time period for a similar elongated look:

Finally, I’m really smitten with Miranda Kerr‘s flower-inspired ring from fiancé Orlando Bloom. This is a great design for couples looking to save a bit of money, as the smaller diamonds mean fewer dollars.

Get the look with this vintage flower ring in white gold for under $2,000!

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Prints & Patterns

When I saw this great bag by Christian Lacroix go up on the site, I was instantly intrigued. Why, exactly, did I like the unusual combination of print, metals and colors? After giving it a bit more thought, I think it has something to do with a relationship to home decor and interior trends. Wallpaper has seen a huge resurgence in the last few years, and designers are really pushing the interplay between patterns and textures in the home.

Surprised this works so well on a handbag? Don’t be afraid to go bold for spring and play with patterns that might at first seem to compete with each other. Here are a couple of other good examples:

FENDI Purple Beaded Grey Clutch

CHRISTIAN LACROIX Fabric, Leather & Snake Satchel