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The Difference between Crocodile and Alligator Handbags

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In the world of luxury handbags, exotic skin is one of the highest quality materials in the market. Not only is it sleek and beautifully designed, but it is also sturdy, lasting for many years to come. There are a few different types of exotic skins used to make handbags, but the most sought after are alligator and crocodile. There is a lot of confusion and questions about the difference between alligator bags and crocodile bags. So let’s delve into…

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A History of Saint Laurent Paris [Infographic]

History of Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is considered one of the greatest designers of the past century. The history of the house of Saint Laurent Paris, as it’s been called since 2012, it’s closely linked to its founder, Yves. A creative genius and tormented soul (if you haven’t yet, you must watch the documentary L’Amour Fou), the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent has lived on, long after his retirement in 2002, and his death in 2008. See a brief history of the house…

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Birkin Bag

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Congratulations on your decision to buy a Birkin bag! Some of the most important questions to address before you being your process include: “How to buy a Birkin?” “Where to buy a Birkin?” “How do you make sure it is authentic?” At PORTERO we have been selling and consigning Birkin bags for more than 10 years, and here are the 7 things you absolutely must consider when buying your first Birkin bag.…

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