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Portero’s Cyber Weekend Sale

Shopping for friends and family or making your own holiday wish list? Portero’s Cyber Weekend sale is one of the best we’ve ever had! From monogram Louis Vuitton and quilted Chanel bags to vintage Omega watches and iconic Tiffany & Co jewelry, all items are an additional 20% off.  It’s only for a limited time, so
make your way over fast!  Sale ends Sunday, November 30th, at 11:59 ET.

Start shopping the wonderful collection here:

Notable Finds of the Week

Our Creative Director, Nick Marmol’s, weekly notable finds are in, and they are both eye-catching and timeless!   From the most desired handbag in the world to chic cufflinks and watches, these notable finds are sure to impress.




Shop this Hermes Birkin.


Shop this Hermes Carrick Watch.

trianon cufflinks

Shop these Trianon cufflinks.




Safari Chic

“This world without a leopard…I mean, who would want to be here?!”
– Diana Vreeland

We’ve gone wild for safari chic this season.  Animal print handbags, exotic materials, and figurative modern and estate jewelry pieces are a great way to enhance your fall look.  Done right, your animal-inspired accessorizes will add a touch of sophistication with a slight edge.

Want a subtle day or night look? Pair a snakeskin bag with neutrals and skinny jeans or a stylish monochromatic outfit. If you’re adventurous and like to mix patterns, try combining leopard print with plaid, simple stripes, or even floral!

Get started on your safari-inspired look by browsing through Portero’s collection here.

Notable Finds of the Week

It was hard for us to resist some of this week’s notable finds. Every scroll of the page we clicked “Add to Favorites, “Add to Favorites,” “Add to Favorites.”  Needless to say… We ended up with 40 new bags, jewelry and watches in our favorites bag within a matter of minutes! Shopper’s Anonymous, anyone?

After careful deliberation, we consulted our Creative Director, Nick Marmol, to see if he could narrow our list down to three. Gals, he did not fail!

Get ready! Here they are…


Hermes Himalaya Bla#28AF808


Shop this Hermes 32cm Himalaya Kelly here.


Fred Leighton Plati#28AF8D4



Vintage Rolex Oysterdate



Shop this Rolex Oysterdate Men’s Watch here.

This Week’s Notable Finds

The first few days of October have been a wonderful whirlwind filled with beautiful Chanel flap bags, rose gold timepieces, and unique accessories.

We’re absolutely reveling in our Creative Director, Nick Marmol’s, weekly notable finds. The rich cherry red vintage Chanel has us swooning for crisp fall nights, while the mouse and cheese cufflinks have us signing up for the next wine and cheese party.  Gouda, anyone?

What more can we say about the rose gold accented Rolex Datejust? It’s a true classic!





To shop this Chanel red flap bag, visit here.





To shop these estate cufflinks, visit here.





To shop this Rolex Datejust, visit here.

pumpkin latte


Our end of summer mourning period may be over, but we’re still planning to shine this fall.  October has officially begun, and we’re ordering a little orange with a side of Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Orange happens to be a big trend this season – seen both on the runways and in everyday street style. At Portero, we have a wonderful selection of orange accessories to enhance your fall look. You can go bold with a bright Hermes Birkin or a Fendi 2Jours large shopper tote. Or, if you are looking for something a bit subtler, you can simply accent your outfit with orange enamel Tiffany & Co earrings or a Hermes Kelly double tour bracelet.

Wear this season’s trend with neutrals, navy, greens, burgundy, camo and so much more!

To shop designer orange accessories visit here.


birkin and tiffany



fendi - hermes




prada- hermes



September 2014′s Top 5 Best Deals of the Month

At Portero, we’re always looking for the best deals on our favorite designer handbags, jewelry, watches, and accessories.  What defines a best deal you might ask? Well, we look at a variety of different aspects of the piece.  Mainly, we review its overall quality, the demand for the item/brand, and of course, its price.

Portero evaluates the quality of its items based on a scale ranging from good to pristine (aka never worn).  From the condition of the piece, we can then determine whether or not the price is comparable/an even better deal!

We consulted our Creative Director to see what were the best deals of the month, and he did not steer us wrong!  So, get ready… Here are the top 5 best deals this month!


To shop this Valentino look, please click here.


To shop this Jaegar-LeCoultre, please click here.

tiffany - star pendant

To shop the Tiffany & Co Star Pendant, please click here.


To shop this Hermes 18K Rose Gold Farandole Necklace, please click here.

judith leiber - owl

To shop this Judith Leiber evening bag, please click here.

Want to shop more from these brands?  Visit our brand page to find exactly what you’re looking for here:

Tribute to the Clas#2872B48

A Tribute to the Classics

Sometimes all you need is the perfect classic accessory.  Hermes Birkins and Kellys, Chanel Flap Bags, Rolex Datejust, Cartier LOVE series – you simply cannot go wrong.  But, please, don’t get us wrong… We’d take a Valentino Rockstud or Chanel Boy bag any day; yet, there is something oh-so-special about a classic.

A best friend to the core, a classic will never let you down when you’re running late for work and cannot decide what to wear or even when you’ve had that flawless outfit selected for an entire week.

With fall in full swing, it only seemed right we’d pay tribute to our best friends, the classics. So, we did just that!  We’ve curated a beautiful collection of over 35 classic pieces available at

To add one (or more) of these classic pieces to your fall look, shop our latest collection here:

Can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our Find It For Me experts here:



The recent arrivals to Portero have given us a multitude of fall inspirations.  Out of the 500 items that have come across our screen this week, Portero’s Creative Director, Nick Marmol, has selected the three most notable fall finds – taking us from ladylike sophistication to down-to-earth bohemian chic.


chanel - wooden tote


To shop Chanel, please click here.


To shop Cartier watches, please click here.

coomi - earrings

To shop Coomi, please click here.

kellybag - mainimage

Top 5 Most Seen Bags at New York Fashion Week … And Their Best Friend

We’re always curious to see what the gals and guys of New York Fashion Week are carrying.  This season, we compiled a list of the top five most seen bags, and their charming, playful best friend.





Hermes Birkins and Kellys

Tried and true – Once again, we saw the ever coveted, classic Hermes Birkin and Kelly on the fashion week streets. More this season than ever before, in fact! Why you ask? Hermes has been producing more Birkins and Kellys over the last few years. Since, they have continued to spike in price and popularity. These are the Royals Royce, crème de la crème of handbags, and truly speak volumes of the owner who has one in tow.

To shop Hermes, please click here:





Chanel Boy Bag

OH BOY, did we see a lot of these! The boy bag is proving to be Chanel’s most popular, newer (and edgier) flap bag. We saw them in white, black, and an array of limited editions that we just couldn’t keep our eyes off of.

To shop Chanel, please click here:




Fendi du Jour

Fendi du Jour bags were the bag of choice for all editors toting iPads, bright orange lipsticks, and sparkling water – e.g. the basic essentials for fashion week survival.

It’s a great bag for everyday as it’s easy to carry and can tote loads of personals. Comes in an array of colors, color blocking a, and can be monogrammed, etc., to your taste!

To shop Fendi, please click here:



Proenza Schouler PS1 and PS11 Classic

Proenza has always been present at the shows, but made an even larger presence at NYFW Spring/Summer 2015 fashion week. We saw at least a handful of PS1′s and or PS11′s at every event. The PS1 and PS11 are is great for everyday.  We suggest the PS11 if you are looking for something a bit smaller.  Gals, take note, both are fantastic for transitioning from day to night.

To shop Proenza Schouler, please click here:






Celine Luggage Tote

Over the last few years, the Celine Luggage Tote Bag has held its popularity as an “it bag.”  By the look of Spring/Summer 2015 fashion week, it seems that it is, indeed, still “IT.”

We saw it in the Mini (aka not so mini) and the cute cross body Nano size. There was also a scattering of Phantom totes, knot totes, and classic bags abound. Celine has proven to make amazing quality classic bags that hold value, and even grow in value, which only the top three big lux brands (Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton) have been able to do.

To shop Celine, please click here:





Fendi Fur Monster Charms

Who is the best friend of every bag in town? The Fendi Fur Monster Charm! Everyone important had one of these little pets by their bag’s side at all times. So adorable, and adds an extra pop of personality to any ensemble.

To shop Fendi, please click here:


Make sure to visit our YouTube channel to view our latest videos highlighting NYFW’s Designers and Street Style:

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